Introducing the

Ruka Hair Perfume

Introducing Ruka’s first ever wet product, our nourishing Hair Perfume. We are so excited to present your finishing touch to all hair care routines, leaves your hair fragrant and protected. Read more to know all the benefits and great features of what this one bottle brings...

Key Ingredients And Scent Notes

The Top

Wrap your senses in golden warmth as comforting coconut offers a tropical sweet note that sets the scene for this indulgent scent

The Heart

Woody notes add a velvety richness to the heart of this scent

The Base

Warm musk and sweet vanilla combine to give our base its sensually smooth dry down

Infused with traditional African ingredients like Zambian Mongongo oil, which is rich in Vitamin E & Omega 6. We chose it due to its excellent properties for hair- which include softening and creating a protective film on the hair fiber.

Enriched with Aloe Vera and pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise and protect curly hair, building strength and flexibility to resist breakage.

How does it work?

Simply spray 3-4 times across the hair to moisturise, refresh and scent the hair. For use on all hair types, but particularly delicious on curls and in braids. Can’t get enough of it? Yes, it’s also skin safe.

We have included a cocktail of an emollient, humectant (glycerin), and a hair conditioning agent (pro-vitamin B5) so that every spritz of our perfume draws moisture into the hair.

We’ve carefully crafted a hydro-alcoholic formulation meaning you get the perfect, even application of the fragrance without the drying effects.


with pro-vitamin 5, this perfume is able to protect hair shafts from damage and static unlike other drying perfumes this one improves the condition of your hair.


with mongongo oil being one of the main ingredients it provides protection, it has hydrating and regenerating properties which work so well with your hair.


with a gentle scent that gives you that “just conditioned my hair in love” freshness it also doesn’t take away from your body scent or fragrance, it still lets you shine!

We hope that you learned a bunch and feel enlightened about our new product.

We hope you enjoy our new addition to the family!

Ruka Hair